Welcome to GenuineRO !

Welcome to Genuine Ragnarok Online , guys ! You will be amazing in this server~!


  • Introduction         Notice
  • Rate:                                           1)For Any Information
    Base Exp:500x                    Please Add  
  • Job Exp:300x                      
  • Item Drop Rate:40x              

  • GenuineRO is a balanced , challenging yet exciting ASIA based

    Mid Rate Ragnarok Online private server . We officially opened

    on 5/4/09 . Players enjoy PvP and MvP Hunting during normal

    days . Guild war are on Saturday and Sunday . Players will not

    suffer from any serious lagness as GenuineRO was hosted

    using 10 Mbps broadband connection , this is to ensure smooth

    game-play during crowded period ( WOE / Event ) . We have

    also special events which players can get surprising rewards .

    There are PvP , GvG and also PvC ( player vs clone ) . We have

    about 6 GM in GenuineRO . GMs are corruptive and helpful ,

    they spare or giving items to Beginner .

  • YOU are always welcome to join us , give it a try and you WILL love it as how others did .

  • Server will on at everyday 10:00am - 22:00pm , enjoy!

    For Every New RO Members in this Server . You guys is able to redeem

  • items from any GM .
  • (There's a List bellow for item redeem) 

    Weapon:+10Blade[4] , +10Composite Bow[4] , +10Electric Fist[3] ,+10Spear[4]

    Armor : +7Formal Suit , +7Glittering Jacket , +7Ninja Suit,+7Divine Clothes

    Shield : +7Buckler[1] ,+7Guard[1]

    Shoes : +7Shoes[1] ,+7Boots

    Headgear : +7 Apple of Archer , +7 Viking Helm ,+7Helm[0]

    Accesory : 2 Glove[1] , 2 Ring[1]

    For All the Items Above one account can only take 5 items above . So don try to cheat us.. if let us find out you cheat us. You'll get JAIL ^.^.
    For the 2 Glove and 2 Ring they're counted 1 . So you'll get pair...You guys can redeem items that in the list above only

    Thanks for Playing ^.^